Biomedical Science Statement of Purpose Sample

biomedical science statement of purpose

Biomedical Science Statement of Purpose Overview

Biomedical Science or Biomedicine is a group of courses that teaches the connection between biology, natural sciences, and medicine. Currently, there is an increase in demand for professionals with a degree in this course.

Universities that offer Biomedical Science
There are about five hundred universities with a program in Biomedical Science.
Below are some of these institutions according to their regions;

Universities Offering Biomedical Science Course

Are you in search of a school to study Biomedical Science? We have compiled a list of some of the universities in various countries offering the Biomedical Science course.

Universities in UK offering Biomedical Science course

University of Cambridge 

The University of Cambridge is one university that provides an opportunity for carrying out research and developing the medical sector. The course runs for three years, and it costs between £25,000 to £30,000 for international students. Meanwhile, students from the EU can pay between £10,000 to £13,000. 

University of St. Andrews 

The University of St. Andrews offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in programs like Biomedicine, Microbiology, Molecular biology, etc.

These programs run for four years, and the tuition fee is between £22,000 to £24,000.

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow offers Biomedicine and other related courses like molecular genetics, skills in Biomedicine, research project design and laboratory research.

The tuition fee for international students at the University of Glasgow is between £21,000 to £24,000 per annum.

University College London

Here, the Biomedical Science course module covers genetics, anatomy, physiology, immunology, cell biology, neuroscience and pharmacology.

International students will pay between £26,000 to £29,000 per annum for three years during the undergraduate degree program.

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Universities in Canada offering Biomedical Science course

Below are the top universities in Canada for Biomedical Sciences;

University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto is number 18 on the THEW ranking.

The Biotechnology curriculum includes genetics, cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, robotics, information technology, engineering, etc.

The tuition fee is CAD 233,000 annually for four years.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a top university that ranks 37 on the worldwide list of high-ranking institutions.

The Biomedical courses here are Biochemistry, and Biotechnology. Biomedical Sciences at the University of British Columbia runs for four years and costs between CAD 170,000 and CAD 212,000 per annum.

McMaster university 

McMaster University in Ontario offers courses like Biotechnology, Biology discovery, Sensory-Motor Systems and many others.

These courses run for four years as undergraduate programs. The cost of tuition fees ranges from CAD 143,000 to CAD 173,000.

Universities in Sweden offering Biomedical Science course

Below are good universities in Sweden to study Biomedicine: 

Karolinska Institutet

Karolinska Institute offers a Bachelor’s program in Biomedicine.

It teaches students the mechanisms that lead to diseases such as cancer, neurological disease, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

The duration of the biomedical science degree is three years, and the tuition is around 54,000 euros.

Uppsala University 

Another university that offers biomedical science-related courses is Uppsala University, the most ancient Scandinavian university. It offers Biomedicine at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels to students through the admission process by preparing them for life in the healthcare system.

Linköping University 

Linköping University offers a bachelor’s degree program in biomedicine. Some courses taught under this program are systems biology, molecular biology, pathology, biochemistry, and physiology.

The duration is three years, and students pay £15,000 as tuition fees every year.

Lund University 

Lund University also offers a bachelor’s degree program in biomedicine. It teaches students the functions of the body, its relation to disease conditions, the combination of Medicine and Science and the application of practical skills.

The tuition fee for this program is £18,000 per annum, and the program will run for three years.

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Universities in Lithuania offering Biomedical Science course

Below are some universities in Lithuania that offer biomedical sciences or other related courses;

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is the best institution to study biomedical sciences in Lithuania. The range of tuition fees for those who want to study biomedical sciences at LSMU is from £7000 to £13,000, which the students will pay every year for four years.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University 

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University has a degree course in Bioengineering. It focuses on the engineering aspects of health and medicine.

The duration is four years, and the tuition fee ranges around $5000.

Vytautas Magnus University

This institution offers a bachelor’s degree program in biotechnology and biology/Genetics.

Students learn how biology and technology affect the development of medicine. 

This program also runs for four years, and the tuition fee is around $5000 per annum.

Universities in Australia offering Biomedical Science course

Many universities in Australia offer a wide variety of courses in the biomedical field. Below are some of them;

University of Melbourne 

The University of Melbourne ranks number one among the top ten universities in Australia and number 14 worldwide for Clinical and Health courses. The Biomedicine program at the University of Melbourne, Australia, runs for three years and students are to pay AUD 46,000 for each of the years.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland Australia ranks number 44 for Biological Sciences in the World University Ranking for courses/subjects. 

It offers a degree program in Biomedical science. The course covers areas like cellular biology, molecular biology and physiology. 

The Biomedical science program runs for three years, and the students are to pay AUD 44,000 for each of those years.

Monash University

The Monday university is number six in the top ten universities in Australia and number 57 in THEW ranking. 

Monash University offers a bachelor’s degree program in Biomedical Science. 

The course runs for three years, and the tuition fee per annum is AUD 42,000.

Average fund requirement for international students

When trying to find out about the cost of tuition fees of most universities, it is essential to remember that there is a difference between the tuition of home students and international students.
Universities in the UK require between £13,000 to £26,000 annually from international students who wish to study there. Meanwhile, universities in Canada require between 100,000 CAD to 300,000 CAD per annum for international students.

The minimum requirement for international student

International students must make thorough findings into the specific requirements of each university to which they intend to apply for admission.

Most universities require that their students have an excellent academic record in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

International students must also have an English language qualification after sitting in English exams like the IGCSE and TOEFL. 

Biomedical Science Statement of Purpose sample

You can read our biomedical science statement of purpose sample to guide you in writing your personal statement.

With all the Nigerian healthcare sector deficiencies, having a mother who goes out of her way to provide genuine care and affection for her patients is enough to inspire her teenage daughter to pursue a degree in healthcare. While walking with her through those wards, I observe her work her magic by encouraging patients through uplifting conversation, compassionate care, and explaining the science behind the medicines. 

Life’s circumstances made me build a  professional career as a tax administrator for the last ten years. I worked hard to earn a professional qualification in taxation and a diploma in accounting to ensure I climb the professional ladder of tax administration. I am currently a tax manager, yet I still feel unfulfilled with my work.

I started volunteering to fill the void, and my volunteering role puts a smile on my face and gives me that inner sense of fulfillment. Being part of the lives of children with special needs and providing them and their parents with education and support is engaging for me. I am glad to have worked with my mom because I see those same traits of compassion and kindness come to play when caring for these kids.

To provide the best care, I know I need the requisite knowledge. That strong sense of fulfillment has become a  driving force to pursue a biomedical science degree at Coventry University to understand the science and pathology that could help provide better care for children with special needs.

The biomedical science course with Coventry University fits perfectly into my dream because it complements my undergraduate degree in Chemistry and provides an opportunity to strengthen my knowledge in diagnostic laboratory pathology. I am fascinated by the inclusion of the entrepreneurship and strategic leadership module in the Biomedical Science course. I would become a well-rounded graduate equipped to set up a private practice in Nigeria. I am super excited about the program and already looking forward to the research-based projects.

Studying in the United Kingdom, a country with one of the best educational and healthcare systems globally is the right option for me because of its multicultural diversity. The UK is also a second home to Nigerians, and integrating into the community will be easy.

While researching the university to apply to the first phrase on the Coventry University website drew me to the school because I know it is time to take control of my fulfillment and choose how I would like to contribute to society. Reviewing the course outline, the multiple pathways, and the hands-on laboratory experience solidified my love for the institution.

I believe that the course will train and prepare me to be part of the generation that will take up the baton of providing transformative healthcare for children with special needs and other areas of general biomedical science. I also plan to explore setting up a private laboratory to extend additional research capabilities of disease diagnosis, monitoring of therapy, and research into disease mechanisms.


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