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Data Analytics With Banking & Finance statements of purpose are a bit technical to write because the course is an intersection of two different fields and the applicant needs to show competence and skills to effectively participate in the course  work.

How to structure your Data Analytics With Banking & Finance SOP

The statement of purpose is the best opportunity to show the academic committee that you are a strong candidate that should be accepted into the program. 

  • Your reasons for deciding to do the course at a postgraduate level
  • What is fascinating about the country and the university
  • Your academic skills/transferable skills and work experience  that are relevant to the Data Analytics With Banking & Finance program
  • Lastly, your future career goals

Things to note when writing your statement of purpose

  1. Take note of the acceptable length of the statement of purpose. The UCAS standard is 4000 characters which is about 600 words. However, certain schools require you to write just 500 words. The rule is to find out the requirement for the specific program and school you are applying for.
  2. Pay attention to the general flow of the statement of purpose. When you copy other people’s work the flow of your own sop is affected. Draft out points from your own experiences and ask friends to help you review your statement of purpose.
  3. Always check for grammar errors and run a plagiarism check. This is such an important document.
  4. Tell your story in a captivating and formal way. Make it interesting, always match the stories to the goals and objectives of the program.
statement of purpose for Sheffield Hallam University in Data Analytics With Banking & Finance
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Personal Statement for Data Analytics With Banking & Finance sample (Sheffield Hallam University)

The same year I started working as a tax analyst in the bank I read an article on ‘How banks  and fintechs can deploy data analytics for sustainable growth’. It did not make any sense then. But having spent 5 years in the banking industry and keeping up with the trends and growth of fintech startups in Nigeria, that same article I read years ago began to make all the sense to me. The most intriguing thing for me is that Flutterwave, a fintech startup with their recent raise, is now more valuable than the banks in Nigeria. By just observing the trends in the financial industry, I know that most banks are strategizing to play in the financial technology space through the introduction of digital banking products. Already the Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria is already transforming itself into a fully digital and this would create more opportunities to use data analytics to create efficiency in value creation and improve the bottom-line. I am applying for the Msc in Data Analytics with Banking and Finance in your institution to better position me to take advantage of opportunities in the financial industry.

I am very energetic and focused to achieve the things I set my mind on, an analytical-thinker with demonstrated talent of providing financial analysis and accounting support. Over the years I have developed a deep knowledge of developing financial models and analyzing financial performance and metrics. I am also currently pursuing an internationally recognized accounting certification and I believe the frameworks, experience and knowledge I am acquiring will form a solid base for me during the program. Due to my fascination with finance, I have undertaken an MBA in Finance but another reason I want to study  Msc in Data Analytics with Banking and Finance is to up skill myself with an emerging skill that is both vital for fintechs and the banking institutions. This simply puts me in a better position to choose the kind of organizations I would love to work with.

As a finance professional studying in the United Kingdom will give me the opportunity to interact with some of the oldest and most advanced financial markets. Also, I did not come across a university in Nigeria offering the Msc in Data Analytics with Banking and Finance and from my research one of the top schools in the world offering the course is Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom. The UK was also a perfect place to study because it would be very easy to adapt to the culture and timezone.  When I went through the module of the course at Sheffield Hallam University, I was interested in modules like Global Financial Markets, Advanced Portfolio Management. Working on live projects and making use of international technologies like the Bloomberg Terminals is also a plus for me.

My goal after completing the course is to seek employment in a Nigerian bank or international bank exploring the creating digital financial products for the Nigerian or african market.

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Statement of Purpose Overview

In writing your statement of purpose for Data Analytics in Banking and Finance, you need to show how you have previously used data to provide insight to businesses.

Every business uses data. Data helps companies to understand customers’ preferences and serve them better. Prominent organizations have learned how to utilize data to predict customers’ behaviour.

During the course, students will learn:

  • Finance theories 
  • Investment practices 
  • Data analytics
  • Programming Languages 
  • Financial databases

Universities in UK offering Data Analytics With Banking & Finance course

Sheffield Hallam University 

Sheffield Hallam University is in South Yorkshire, England. It has over 30,000 students on its two campuses; the City and Collegiate Crescent Campuses. Sheffield Hallam University has a Master’s in Data Analytics in Banking and Finance. The tuition fee for that one year is 18,000 euros.

Students will learn about data analytics and its roles in financial industries. The course prepares students for a career in Statistical Analysis and Digital Analytics. Visit the University’s website here for more information on this course.

University of Essex 

Founded in 1963, the University of Essex is one of the top 30 universities in the U.K. It is one of the top 25 universities for international students in the T.H.E. World University Rankings 2022.

The University of Essex offers a one-year Master’s degree in Finance and Data Analytics. International students are to pay 23,000 euros for the duration of this course. Students will learn financial techniques and complex data to make informed business decisions.

Get more details here about the course on the University’s website.

University of Glasgow 

The University of Glasgow is the third oldest University in the U.K. and the fourth oldest in Scotland. There are 26,000 students from over 120 countries at this prestigious University. It has a Master’s Degree in Data Analytics for Economics and Finance. It’s a course for one year and a tuition fee of about 31,000 euros per year. The University website has more information about the course; read more here.

Universities in Canada offering Data Analytics With Banking & Finance course

Centennial College

Centennial College is a public-funded institution in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is diverse, with 100 ethnic groups of students present there.  Centennial College has a one-year course in Business Analytics and Insights. This program will provide students with hands-on experience in data analysis and business. Studying Business Analytics and Insights at Centennial College is CAD 23,000.

Visit the website to know more about this course.

St. Clair College

St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology is in Southwestern Ontario. They established in 1967, and it currently has over 28,000 students, both full and part-time.  St. Clair College has some departments like Business, Health Sciences, e.t.c.  One of these is the Data Analytics for Business course. The course is a two-year program with a tuition fee of CAD 16,000 per year for International students.

To read more about the course details, check the University’s website.

Universities in Sweden offering Data Analytics With Banking & Finance course

Lund University 

Over 44,000 students are currently studying at this prestigious University. Lund University offers a broad range of programmes and courses. One of these is the one-year Master’s programme in Data Analytics and Business Economics.

International students will pay around $13,000. The program will teach students to use data and statistics to solve business issues. Lund University uses various teaching methods, like Seminars, case studies, lectures, etc.  They provide international students with scholarship opportunities during the programme. 

Please find more details here.

Jönköping University 

Jönköping University is well-known for its International student exchange in Sweden. Its campus has around 12,000 students, with almost 2000 from other parts of the world. The University offers a Masters’s programme in Applied Economics and Data Analysis. The course is two years and requires a total tuition fee of $24,000.

Students will learn economics, programming, and big data analytics during the four semesters.  The program also allows fresh graduates to do a ten-week internship in any part of the world.

Check out the University’s website for more information.

Universities in Lithuania offering Data Analytics With Banking & Finance course

Kaunas University of Technology 

The Kaunas University of Technology is one of the leading universities in Lithuania. It has over 9,000 students in 122 programs. One program under its postgraduate studies is the Business Big Data Analytics course. The course will teach the use of mathematical models to identify business problems. It is a two-year full-time program that costs €5000 per year. 

To read more about this course, check the website here.

Universities in Australia offering Data Analytics With Banking & Finance course

University of Technology Sydney 

The University of Technology Sydney (U.T.S.) is in Sydney, Australia. Despite its recent beginnings, it ranks first in Australia and number 11 globally as of 2021. The institution offers a Master’s Degree in Data Science in Quantitative Finance. The course is a two-year program with a tuition fee of $22,000 for international students. 

The program will educate students on machine learning theory and applications, etc.

Read more about the course requirements on the University’s website here

University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (U.W.A.) is a public university in Western Australia. Its main campus is in Perth, and the other campus is in Albany.  The University of Western Australia offers a Master’s program in Business Analytics. International students pay an annual tuition fee of £28,000 for two years. 

The programme equips students with the analytical skills necessary to understand complex data.

Read more on the University’s website here.

Average fund requirement for international students

The fund needed to study Data Analytics in Banking and Finance varies from place to place.
Some other factors students should consider are living costs and other expenses.

In Europe, the average cost of living per month is between 500 two 2000 euros. These include transportation, groceries, feeding, utility bills, etc. The tuition fee to study Data Analytics in Banking and Finance is between 14,000 to 30,000 euros per year.

Minimum requirement for international student

Every University has its requirements to study Data Analytics in Banking and Finance. Below are some of these requirements;

  • Students must have a Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Data Science, Economics, Mathematics, and other relevant studies.
  • A minimum of 2:1 or 2:2 or international equivalent
  • Basic programming knowledge and skills
  • Personal statement
  • Academic reference 
  • English language proficiency result


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