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Since fintech is become a trend in the financial service sector, a lot of people are applying to study this course and build the technical expertise to work in this growing field. We prepared a Financial Technology Statement of Purpose Sample to guide you in developing your own statement of purpose that will wow the academic committee and give you a spot on the program.

Sample Statement of Purpose for Financial Technology Program

Why I Financial Technology

The world is currently experiencing the uprising of Unicorns from the African continent, and Nigerian fintech startups like Flutterwave, Paystack, Piggyvest etc., have been at the forefront of that wave. The fintech ecosystem in Africa is still in its infancy, and investors are betting on more startups to chip away at the mountain of unbanked citizens and provide financial inclusion. Having worked with a team that implemented the financial inclusion policy by raising over ₦4 Billion Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for Persons with Disabilities, I understand what it means to provide financial inclusion and empowerment for the unbanked in society in a bid to bridge the institutional financial gap in underdeveloped communities.

My Experience and Background

As a result of this trend, I want to develop the relevant knowledge of the latest technologies in Finance and pivot my career into Financial Technology to enable me to make better informed financial decisions and contribute to startups working at models and solutions for banking the unbanked. Hence, it was a natural decision to apply for the Financial Technology course at your institution. This MSc in Financial Technology (FinTech) provides training in using big data techniques, computer programming, blockchain technology, digital currencies, and analytics that organisations in the fintech sector seek. Knowing that startups are already using blockchain technology and digital currencies to revolutionise Nigeria’s payment system makes the course module so interesting to me.

In the last 10 years, my work experience has cut across both the public and private sectors. I am adept at reconciling accounts, analysing and interpreting financial data, tax documentation and remittance, computerised payroll and bookkeeping. Aside from working in the federal civil service and insurance sector, I have successfully managed a web and technology business for 2 years. My work has allowed me to gain the relevant professional knowledge of insurance, retail and public administration to help me excel in this course.

Why I Chose The Country and University

I have chosen to study Financial Technology in this great citadel of learning because no institution currently offers the course in Nigeria. Being very inquisitive and curious, I wanted a school that could match my ambitions. I thoroughly reviewed the school’s rating, course module and environment. I love how the course was designed to increase student-faculty relationships and interaction; the simulation-based training was also a key consideration. Above all, I love the integration of the blockchain technology and digital currencies module. I believe that I will have a well-rounded education at the [name of school]

The United Kingdom is a very developed, multicultural country and a financial hub for most FinTech companies I admire. To know that the cities in the United Kingdom embrace Nigerians with open arms was also a heartwarming experience which influenced the choice of studying in the UK and [name of school]

Future Plans

After completing my master’s degree, I aim to use the knowledge acquired to develop a financial inclusion business model with my skills that will shape the organisation’s approach to FinTech. I would also consider consulting for financial institutions that want to implement digital banking to serve the unbanked in society. I am confident that my technical expertise, coupled with the professional skills gained in my years as a public administration and accounting officer, will enable me to make significant contributions to government policies in Fintech and drive financial inclusion in underdeveloped communities.


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