Masters in Public Health Statement of Purpose Sample

statement of purpose for masters in public health

Public Health Statement of Purpose Overview

Public health is an aspect of health that concentrates on the community’s wellbeing. It is the science and art of taking measures to prevent diseases and improve health in a community. When writing a Public Health statement of purpose there are a few factors to consider, at the end of this articles we would share a sample to inspire you if you decided to write yours.

The public health course is to train health professionals to attend to the community’s needs. It also helps them carry out health prevention, promotion, and education measures.

Graduates can work in health organizations, NGOs, industries, and academics with this degree.

Universities Offering Public Health Course

Many people rarely know where to start when they want to get a masters degree in public health. Below is a list of top universities in public health from various parts of the world.

Universities in UK offering Public Health course

Coventry University

Coventry University offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. It has a three-year duration, and students pay £22,000 each year.

The public health course teaches students about health needs, decisions, prevention, and promotion.

The institution facilitates learning with workshops, interactive seminars and hands-on learning.

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University offers a three-year public health course. Here, students gain skills in public health and learn to promote healthy living in a community. Students also learn to do surveys and use analytical skills to interpret health data.

The students would understand how to enforce health policies on essential health matters.

The duration of the course is three years, during which students are to pay a yearly fee of 17,000 euros.

University of Manchester

The University of Manchester offers an undergraduate course in Public Health. It has a full time and part-time option but the former is three years, with a tuition fee of £24,500.

Students will learn flexibility and empathy when relating to members of the community. They will also know to apply health theories to practical and daily situations.

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Universities in Canada offering Public Health course

Wilfrid Laurier University

Public health at Wilfrid Laurier University is a four-year program. The tuition fee for this program is around £5000 per year.

The course teaches the effect of social and physical elements on the health of a community. It also includes health interventions on diseases and how to improve the quality of life.

University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge also offers a Bachelor’s degree in Public health for four years. Students are to pay a tuition fee of £15,000 every year.

The course focuses on the prevention of disease instead of its treatment. Thus, the students will know how to promote the health status and well-being of the public.

Brock University

Brock University runs a program in Public Health fit four years with an annual tuition fee of £22,000. The course highlights the rising matters in public health and how it affects a nation. You will also learn about the health determinants common to a place and how to control them.

Universities in Sweden offering Public Health course

University of Gothenburg

Almost all universities in Sweden do not offer a Bachelor’s program in the course. So the University of Gothenburg only offers a Master’s program in public health.

The program is two years, with a tuition fee of £15,000 every year.

Here, the public health course focuses on the distribution of health resources. Some health resources are clean water and a waste disposal system. The students will also learn how they can achieve sustainable development goals.

Lund University

This institution also runs its Public Health course as a Master’s program for two years. The tuition fee is £18,000 per year.

Here, the teaching method focuses on students. That is why there are various health projects for the students to carry out.

Umea University

The Umea University offers a master’s degree in Public Health and Health economics. It has a two-year duration and a tuition fee of £8,000.

The purpose of health economics is to analyse and divide health resources. Students will learn about global health, health economics, and community health.

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Universities in Lithuania offering Public Health course

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

This university offers a postgraduate program in the management of public health. The program runs for three years and has a tuition fee of £5000 per year.

Public health management is the maintenance of health resources. It involves learning management skills in healthcare and medicine.

Lithuanian Sports University

The Lithuanian University runs a two-year program in Physical Activity and Public Health. It trains health practitioners to develop physical health improvement strategies.

After graduation, they can work in the health sector and academic institutions.

Universities in Australia offering Public Health course

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is a high-ranking institution in Australia. It offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Public health.

With professionals as instructors, students will have a broader outlook on public health. They will learn about other disciplines like environmental health, epidemiology, and social sciences.

Here, students will examine factors that cause diseases. Some of these determinants are physical and socioeconomic factors that affect the community.

The duration of the program is three years, and students are required to pay AUD 44,000 per year.

Monash university

Monash University has a full-time three-year program in Public health. Students are to pay AUD 35,000 every year of the program.

The purpose of the course is to save lives and promote health through community efforts. Hence, the students learn strategies on how to achieve this. During the course, instructors will teach other health topics like global health, health promotion, and many more.

Queensland University of Technology

This institution offers a public health program for three years with a tuition fee of AUD 35,000.

Students may pick elective courses like community nutrition, occupational health and environmental health.

There will also be 180 hours of professional placement. This gives students an avenue to work with health professionals and make contributions.

Average fund requirement for international students

Most international students apply for a scholarship to get into a university. The scholarship might be full or part. Either way, this reduces the financial burden on the students.

Before applying, International students should enquire about the cost of tuition and living. It will help them avoid unexpected debts.

In the UK, the average fund requirement to study public health is between £12,000 to £25,000 per year.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the cost of studying public health can range from as low as CAD 5,000 to as high as CAD 150,000 per year. This price depends on the popularity of the institution and its location.

The minimum requirement for international student

For admission into public health, international students need a minimum of five subjects. The subject can be English language, mathematics, biology, physics, geography, and chemistry at undergraduate level.

The minimum grade for any of these subjects is C.

International students must also show proof of English Language proficiency, and some approved English exams are TOEFL, IELTS, and CAE. Most universities require a transcript from the previous institution the student attended.
International students must remember to translate all documents into the official language.

Masters in Public Health Statement of Purpose sample

You can read our biomedical science statement of purpose sample to guide you in writing your personal statement.

With all the Nigerian healthcare sector deficiencies, having a mother who goes out of her way to provide genuine care and affection for her patients is enough to inspire her teenage daughter to pursue a degree in healthcare. While walking with her through those wards, I observe her work her magic by encouraging patients through uplifting conversation, compassionate care, and explaining the science behind the medicines. 

Life’s circumstances made me build a  professional career as a tax administrator for the last ten years. I worked hard to earn a professional qualification in taxation and a diploma in accounting to ensure I climb the professional ladder of tax administration. I am currently a tax manager, yet I still feel unfulfilled with my work.

I started volunteering to fill the void, and my volunteering role puts a smile on my face and gives me that inner sense of fulfillment. Being part of the lives of children with special needs and providing them and their parents with education and support is engaging for me. I am glad to have worked with my mom because I see those same traits of compassion and kindness come to play when caring for these kids.

To provide the best care, I know I need the requisite knowledge. That strong sense of fulfillment has become a  driving force to pursue a biomedical science degree at Coventry University to understand the science and pathology that could help provide better care for children with special needs.

The biomedical science course with Coventry University fits perfectly into my dream because it complements my undergraduate degree in Chemistry and provides an opportunity to strengthen my knowledge in diagnostic laboratory pathology. I am fascinated by the inclusion of the entrepreneurship and strategic leadership module in the Biomedical Science course. I would become a well-rounded graduate equipped to set up a private practice in Nigeria. I am super excited about the program and already looking forward to the research-based projects.

Studying in the United Kingdom, a country with one of the best educational and healthcare systems globally is the right option for me because of its multicultural diversity. The UK is also a second home to Nigerians, and integrating into the community will be easy.

While researching the university to apply to the first phrase on the Coventry University website drew me to the school because I know it is time to take control of my fulfillment and choose how I would like to contribute to society. Reviewing the course outline, the multiple pathways, and the hands-on laboratory experience solidified my love for the institution.

I believe that the course will train and prepare me to be part of the generation that will take up the baton of providing transformative healthcare for children with special needs and other areas of general biomedical science. I also plan to explore setting up a private laboratory to extend additional research capabilities of disease diagnosis, monitoring of therapy, and research into disease mechanisms.


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