MBA (Healthcare) Statement of Purpose Sample

MBA Statement of Purpose

Are you planning on advancing your studies in MBA (Healthcare) at the University of Hertfordshire? Are you looking for how to write a strong statement of purpose for MBA (Healthcare) that will improve your chance of impressing the admission committee? In this guide we would show you the core things to look at for that makes a quality statement of purpose that would make your application standout.

How to write a very strong statement of purpose for MBA Healthcare

  • Understand how your experiences (both academic and professional) has positioned you to apply for this program. Its best to tell a captivating story in this opening sentence that would help you bring together the other parts of your personal statement.
  • Connect that motivation to study in this program to your background; the courses you have taken, the work you have done in this field either volunteering or as part of your professional career. This section is meant to show a bit of competence and background knowledge in the field of your study.
  • Talk about the things about the country that stirred your fascination to study abroad and in that country. Compare that choice with other options and why the country stood out for you. The goal is to personalize the general information about the country.
  • Talk about schools you considered and why you settle for the university. What wads that differentiating factor between the school and other schools ibn the country offering that same program.
  • Talk about how you will use your skills and knowledge to contribute to the program, group works, internships.
  • Lastly, connect your motivation to your aspirations for the future and finalize with how the school and the problem would help you achieve those dreams.

Things to avoid when writing a personal statement for university application

  • Do not wait for the deadline before starting to write your statement of purpose.
  • Not brainstorming and structuring your information in a concise manner.
  • Writing a statement of purpose that does not flow seamlessly.

Avoid plagiarism & grammatical blunders in your statement of purpose

The sample posted below is purely for informational purpose. Schools frown heavily at plagiarized works and if caught can mean suspension from the academic program.

Sample Statement of Purpose for MBA (Healthcare) at The University of Hertfordshire

Research shows that Nigeria has better health personnel than most African countries, but this is not fully reflected in the national healthcare system. Nigeria’s health care system faces many challenges; poor policy making and implementation, lack or inadequate funding, and poor healthcare infrastructures, which leads to progressive deterioration of the healthcare system. It has led to a scenario where much competent health personnel migrate to other countries, further putting a strain on the healthcare system. However, in a very dark room, all needed to cause change is a little light. I am very optimistic that this presents a unique opportunity to bring change and transformation, but one needs the right knowledge and skills to do this. I am applying for the Masters in Business Administration (Healthcare) to develop the tools I need to be the light in the darkroom of our failing healthcare.

I graduated with a BSc. in Science Laboratory Technology, and I have spent all my work experience as a Laboratory Technician. As a Laboratory Technician, my experience spans conducting tests on new products or experimental processes designing and conducting lab tests according to standard procedures. The job requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail, especially when maintaining various types of equipment, handling compressed gas cylinders, handling and storing chemicals and other materials. While these were purely health-related, I was also involved in administrative tasks such as maintaining notebooks, documenting procedures, and preparing orders and invoices. It was an experience that exposed me to the business aspects of healthcare.

When I think about the United Kingdom with healthcare systems, one of the first things that come to my mind is how the political class in Nigeria frequently patronizes the UK’s healthcare system. When you couple this with the fact that the UK is also one of the world’s business capitals, it was just a perfect choice to explore how the healthcare business works. I was also fascinated by the National Health Service policy that provides residents with free public health.

The University of Hertfordshire is one of the few schools I saw that offer unique pathways for their MBA programs. It was important to me because my focus is to get the vital skills to transform healthcare’s business aspects in a sustainable and socially conscious way. I also love the University of Hertfordshire for focusing on a blended learning approach and the enterprise projects that would create an opportunity to develop case models and studies in properly understanding the course work.
The MBA (Healthcare) program is to help me focus on the Nigerian healthcare industry to deeply understand the challenges and work on research on how to transform those situations into opportunities for change. My goal is to work in a special advisory role to governments at various levels and with advocacy organizations lobbying for healthcare policies.

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