MBA Statement of Purpose Sample

MBA Statement of Purpose

MBA Statement of Purpose Overview

Before we show you our MBA Statement of Purpose sample we would like to give you a general overview of the course, minimum requirements and average course fee for international students. MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. It is a graduate program offered by many business schools worldwide, and it was first introduced by Harvard University Graduate School of Administration in 1908. However, the graduate course focuses on business administration, covering various areas of business administration, such as accounting, business ethics, finance, data analytics, economics, strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing, e.t.c.

Individuals with MBA degrees can get job opportunities as financial managers, management consultants, marketing managers, business operations managers, e.t.c.

Universities Offering MBA Course

Are you trying to figure out the universities in the world that offer MBA course and the requirements for such universities? We will guide you through a list of some of the universities that offer an MBA course, their minimum requirements and the average cost for international students.

Universities in UK offering MBA course

  • University of Edinburgh Business School
  • University of Birmingham
  • London Business School
  • University of Cambridge, Judge Business School
  • University of Warwick, Warwick Business School
  • University of Oxford, Said Business School
  • Durham University Business School
  • University of Manchester, Alliance Manchester Business school
  • Cranfield of Management
  • City, University of London, Bayes Business School

Universities in Canada offering MBA course

  • Toronto University
  • Queen’s University (Ivey Business School)
  • University of Alberta
  • York University
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Montreal
  • Western University
  • Queen’s University
  • McGill University (Desautels Faculty of Management)
  • University of British Columbia (Sauder School of Business)
  • Saint Mary’s University (Sobey School of Business)

Universities in Sweden offering MBA course

Stockholm School of Economics
Uppsala University
Blekinge Institute of Technology
University of Gavle
Mid Sweden University
Karolinska University
Lund University

Universities in Lithuania offering MBA course

  • Vilnius University
  • Klaipeda University
  • ISM University of Management and Economics
  • Siauliai University
  • Kazimieras Simonavicius University
  • Vytautas Magnus University VMU
  • Mykolas Romeris University

Universities in Australia offering MBA course

  • Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne
  • AGSM Business School University of New South Wales
  • Monash Business School Monash University
  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management Macquarie University
  • UWA Business School University of Western Australia
  • UQ Business School University of Queensland
  • ANU College of Business & Economics, Australian National University
  • Deakin Business School Deakin University
  • RMIT University School of Business, RMIT University
  • La Trobe Business School La Trobe University
  • UTS Business School University of Technology Sydney
  • Unisa Business School

Average fund requirement for international students

The average fund requirement for international students acquiring MBAs from these universities differs and is based on the business school. Based on the countries mentioned above, we have given an estimated average course fee required for each country.

The average fund requirement for MBA students in the UK, as mentioned above universities varies between £14,000-and £30,000.

Then in Canada, the average fund requirement for international students to acquire an MBA is CAD 3000- CAD 18,000.

In Sweden, the average fund requirement for international students who would like to enroll in an MBA program is EUR 21,000- EUR 25,000.

In Lithuania, the average fund requirement for international students for MBA programs is €2,200-€6,500.

And in Australia, the average fund requirement for international students to enroll in an MBA program varies between $40,000-and and $63,000.

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MBA Statement of Purpose Sample

One of the benefits I had growing up was our communal system which encourages young females from an early age to be involved in helping their parents manage the household. The training formed the first backdrop of my informal learning in business and entrepreneurship. I learned how to research current market prices and negotiate and build relationships with different vendors. It was not just a  communal tradition because I enjoyed every lesson I was learning in the art of business. In university, I set up a small business helping busy students buy groceries and other personal shopping items they needed.

In 5 years of working in a client-facing role and then managing operations, I have seen that it requires great skill and knowledge to engage in all the multifaceted activities involved in running successful businesses. For more than three years, I have managed operations at an E-commerce company. Even though it was challenging, the dedication and skills from my early training made it easier to adapt and become a successful operations manager. I have several business ideas I am exploring, one of which is to build an art business that uses painting to tell the stories and histories of Nigeria and the African continent to the Gen-Z generation. The desire to stretch my current capacity and gain the knowledge I need to build a thriving business effectively is why I am applying for your institution's Master in Business Administration.

My life's mission is to ensure a positive impact through selflessness and telling the stories of our shared identity as a continent. I am a determined individual seeking to enrich and add value both directly to the team I work with and indirectly to society through a social enterprise. I am not only result-oriented, but my experience has taught me to exceed expectations consistently. I am more self-aware, especially in harnessing my positive-minded approach and confident nature to drive change and focus on my assignments. In my work experience, I am excellent at performing research and analysis in support of operations, estimating costs and benefits of multiple outcomes from business analytics, and analyzing business processes and needs. I was also involved in preparing financial reports, developing strategic and operational objectives, and growing the efficiency of existing organizational processes and procedures.

I love practical implementations because they are the best medium to express my knowledge and test my abilities. The 'In-company' internship project and field trip designed as part of the course work at Birmingham City University's MBA program was a factor in choosing to study at the university. I am particularly interested in the Steamhouse Business Incubator and the Business Advice Centre. I believe they would be instrumental in developing my business plans and working on real-life projects. As an art lover, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is a place to tick off my bucket list, and I know that studying in a city with such a rich cultural heritage will help me focus on developing my social enterprise to teach the cultural heritage of the African continent in a fun and captivating way.

Upon completing my graduate studies, I plan to build a business that showcases the history of the African continent through art and gives a percentage of our profits to provide education for kids in underserved communities. The goal is to make it an online business that can serve people across borders. I hope to have also built relationships with colleagues with similar business orientations for possible partnerships in establishing physical galleries in major cities across the globe. 


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