MBA STEM Statement of Purpose Sample

MBA Statement of Purpose

Are you planning on writing a strong statement of purpose for the MBA Stem postgraduate program?

The Ohio State University’s MBA Stem Essay One Sample

Why I choose the MBA Stem

My first interest in entrepreneurship began when my dad started [redacted]. He grew it from a note-counting servicing company to a business involved in recycling and manufacturing plastic shopping bags. I had my first managerial opportunity under the supervision of my dad. His business taught me that today’s business world runs on innovation and digitalization, and African companies need to wake up to this reality. According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) survey, small-medium enterprises contribute 48% of the national GDP, 96% of businesses, and 84% of employment. However, the unemployment rate in the country is still high. I felt terrible when I had to leave my dad for my mandatory service for undergraduates because I had become the pillar of the management of the business. I handled things perfectly, and he had to step back for the day-to-day operations. Like most small businesses in Nigeria, my dad’s company failed because of government regulations, access to finance, and a strain on management due to a lack of capable hands. When I saw how innovative and digitally-enabled businesses are taking over revenue and value proposition, I knew I needed the knowledge to stir organizations towards global change and close the gap between technology and small business in Africa.

Why My Experiences & Background Match The Program

From my interaction with my dad’s business, I know many other small businesses struggle to bridge the gap between technology and their businesses. My short-term goal is to develop enough expertise to work in an international or local organization whose core focuses on policy formulation for the tech startup ecosystem or serving a unique advisory role on economic matters to the national government. From being a personal assistant to a sitting member of the Nigerian [redacted], I have learned that we need competent people with subject matter expertise to work on our economic policy formation. In the long run, I hope to have acquired enough knowledge to consult for small businesses and train entrepreneurs and business owners to deploy innovative solutions and digitalization to grow their businesses.

Why I Chose the University

The Ohio State University’s MBA with STEM specialization stood out among the schools I was considering. I will get a world-class business education and learn the tools and skills needed to define problems, articulate their business implications, and train small businesses to make data-driven and systematic decisions, which would aid in developing innovative solutions. The learning will also help me use data mining for business intelligence and data analytics to formulate the best economic policies and measure their impact. The main goal is understanding how well businesses respond to these policies and the nation’s economic growth.

I am also thrilled that the school admits MBA students from over 15 countries; this would give me the experience of networking with people from different business backgrounds to understand their culture and learn from the unique perspective of their local business environment. Understanding other economies and how they shape the global business environment was one of the reasons I went for a second bachelor’s degree [redacted].

The Ohio State University’s MBA Stem Essay Two Sample

Business and entrepreneurship come from a natural place for me, having watched my dad start a business and my mum manage her private pharmacy store. I believe this contributed to my getting excellent grades in my study. I studied Business Administration for my first degree at XXXXXXXX University with a CGPA of 4.1. I travelled to XXXXXXXXXX to earn a second bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation with a 74% average from the University of XXXXXXXXXXX. Having such stellar performances speaks to my focus, dedication and right work ethic in achieving my goals. At the pandemic’s peak, with no medical background, I proved my determination to excel even in challenging circumstances by leading internal projects and analyzing data to identify opportunities for improvement at a COVID-19 contact centre where I was the Contact Centre Agent. These accomplishments and my experience as both a public and business administrator would enable me to contribute to classroom discussions and projects.

I love that the university designed the MBA program to allow students to customise their MBA education with a rich array of courses and experiences. As an executive who has supported lawmakers in my country, I am keen on participating in student leadership activities on campus. I would also participate in the business plan competition to see how well my ideas wound up under the scrutiny of experienced business mentors. Going through the MBA brochure, I saw that the Global Applied Projects (GAP) & Global Business Expeditions (GBE) have not been to Nigeria, one of Africa’s largest markets. I believe joining the MBA with STEM specialisation will allow me to share practical experiences on consumer behaviour, business position, how businesses should prepare for the imbalance in regulations and everything in between.

Just thinking about the course and the school from what I have read online and the testimonials and roles that previous alums handle in society gives me hope that I would have a very interesting and engaging time with faculty and students alike.


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