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Your personal statement is integral to successfully applying for the University of Manitoba. It gives the admissions committees insight into you personally and academically for graduate schools or postgraduate programs. It helps you to summarise your interest in a specific program and show evidence of your suitability for the program.

A personal statement is used interchangeably with a statement of purpose, statement of interest, or letter of intent, but the focus can be slightly different. The goal is to pay attention to the stated requirements for each program to guide the information you include in your statement. 

Points to Consider When Developing your Personal Statement 

  1. Be concise and effectively depict your motivation/goals concerning a program and how your academics/experiences related to that specialty. Show your interest and why the field attracted you (share an exciting story)
  2. Even if they seem unusual, answer the questions, as programs are very particular about personal statements.
  3. Contact people in your program of interest to ask about the programs and the school.
  4. Emphasize your unique qualities and how they make you stand out by communicating and describing specific experiences that sparked your commitment to your field of interest.
  5. Communicate why you would be the most suitable candidate. Please explain why you are looking at their particular program and institution and what and how you learned about them.

Personal Statement for Masters in Food Science (University of Manitoba)

Due to the fragmented structure of government policies, food safety administration has become ineffective and complicated. However, because food safety affects everyone, providing consumers with access to safe, hygienically produced food is necessary. Although Africa faces the highest foodborne illness per capita, the issue of foodborne illness is a global phenomenon. The global component of food safety is one of the reasons I am interested in food science. Interestingly, the Nigerian food safety policy document recognizes that the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) food processing sub-sector has more significant potential to create employment for the rural and urban poor. The potential can be harnessed with improved hygienic practices and adequate infrastructure to enhance the food safety system for consumers. I am applying for the M.Sc in Food Science at the University of Manitoba to strongly contribute to Nigeria’s food safety and quality assurance sector to guarantee quality and acceptability.

A great deal of my career has been in the medical field as a Quality Control Officer. The quality control role helped me to develop a solid and analytical frame of mind. It made me question everything to ensure the processes are clearly defined and collaboratively remove ambiguity. I developed the ability to communicate effectively, especially when managing complex projects; it helps everyone on the team understand the objectives and find a better way to achieve them. I have a background in plant science, where I explored plants’ structure, properties, and biochemical processes and their classification, the study of plant diseases, and interactions with the environment. My training included a lot of research work, and the skills are transferable by utilizing the university’s laboratory facilities to research various methods of ensuring food quality.

Canada has developed a standardized range of regulations to ensure our health and safety. Through Health Canada, it has been able to bridge the gap between the Canadian government, the industry, and consumers to establish policies, regulations, and standards related to the safety and nutritional quality of food in Canada. I chose to study in Canada to deepen my knowledge of implementing regulations and policies that ensure food safety. Indeed studying the M.Sc Food Science at the University of Manitoba challenged me to develop a global perspective on food safety and how important it is to drive quality processes to mitigate foodborne illnesses. I am also very interested in Unit Process Operations, Advanced Food Microbiology, and Food Rheology modules. 

Completing the M.Sc in Food Science at the University of Manitoba will allow me to contribute my experience and skills and deepen my understanding of Nigeria’s food processing and safety sector. I am also excited about working with a food processing MSME to build my skills and network to set up my food processing firm. In the long term, I also want to work within a government agency in promoting and implementing policies and regulations to drive food safety and quality.

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